Top Tips to Be Recruited for Football Scholarships According to Jack Elway

A lot of student athletes are interested in high-school football recruits. This is how Jack Elway got to where he is today, as well. He knows how hard it is to get noticed and to receive a college offer. However, he got there in the end and placed himself in that elusive 3% to 4% of high school kids that goes on to play college football. He hopes that the following four top tips will help others achieve the same.

Jack Elway’s #1 Tip – Coaches Don’t Care!

What Elway had to find out the hard way is that coaches don’t really care about the individual. They don’t want to hear about dreams or goals. They want to make sure that you meet their needs, and not the other way around. You won’t get recruited for being nice or for having a nice family. They want to see how you will succeed in their program.

#2 – Athleticism and Size Matters

Your athleticism and sizes are hugely important in recruitment, perhaps even the most important thing. This is because the sport is hugely physical, so recruiters want to make sure you are physically capable of playing at college level. Remember that high school football and college football are somewhat different.

#3 – You Must Have the Right Skills and Talent

If a coach feels that you are sufficiently athletic and of the right size to play at their level, then and only then will they start to look at your skills and at whether or not you have any talent. The talent the coach wants depends entirely on which positions are still open.

#4 – You Must Be Mentally Tough

A coach will only be interested in you if you can be mentally tough. You have to be ready to put in all the hard work needed of a football player at your level. You also have to be able to deal with the coach, who will ensure you are accountable for everything you do, but in an in your face manner. Plus, you have to be able to handle the competition.

#5 – You Must Be Able to Remain Qualified

Coaches want to make sure that their recruits also do well in the classroom, which means they can continue to play. For every roster spot that is available, they will usually recruit between five and 10 players. They will then observe you during the recruitment process, making sure that your grades and your ethics in school will ensure you can continue to be qualified. If you can’t uphold that in high school, you won’t be able to do it in college either.

By being aware of these five tips, Jack Elway believes that you will have a far better chance at being recruited. The reality is that around 96% of high school football players do not make it to college football, however. The focus, therefore, should be more on your education regardless, which also happens to help with tip 5.

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