Don’t Try These at Home: Harmful Ways to Kill Pests and Bugs

How can you solve your pest problems safely? The best solution is to consult pest exterminators. Of course, the first thing that you should do is to learn about the bugs and pests. Then, select from several available options to control them. This said, there are other ways to control pests. However, some of them can harm your family.

Here are the things that you should NOT do:

  1. Using too much of the pesticides

You should always take note of the directions written in pesticide containers and boxes. Follow them to the letter. Using twice as much of the pesticides could harm the body.

  1. Using outdoor chemicals for indoors

There are plenty of chemicals which are only for outdoor use. Using these indoors could be dangerous because they spread toxic air inside the house.

  1. Transferring pesticides to other containers

Always store the pesticides in their own and original containers. Only mix enough amount of pesticide with water if there is a need to. You should also avoid recycling pesticide containers that are empty. Throw them away when they are no longer in use.

Many people have been poisoned because they accidentally drank or ate pesticides stored in beverage or food containers. So please do not do this. Even when you wash the container thoroughly, there will still be remnants of the pesticide inside.

  1. Not disposing of empty pesticide containers properly.

Read and follow the instructions labeled in pesticide container on how to dispose of the container and pesticide properly. There are some communities that collect hazardous waste in your household. You should call your community’s waste disposal authority to know more information about this.

  1. Not using the pesticides correctly

You should keep the pesticides away from the reach of your children and even your pets. Also, upon applying the pesticides, make sure that the young ones are away. Read the instructions and safety precautions labeled in the pesticide before using it. As much as possible, avoid using pesticides that require mixing. Lastly, only apply pesticides which are approved for home use.

  1. Not asking for initial help from pest controllers.

Try to ask help from pests exterminators in order to determine the things that you should do in order to prevent pests and bugs from your house. After all, prevention is better than cure. Repair your leaky toilet as it can be one of the sources of those pests and bugs. Clean your house regularly. Also, throw the trash and scrub the trash bin once in awhile.


The information mentioned above is just some of the things you need to avoid doing when it comes to controlling pests and bugs at home. It is always important to take note that using chemicals like pesticides is not always safe, so you should be careful when using them. Always read their labels and follow the instructions given to avoid harming any of your family members.

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