Four adventurous activities in Uganda you must try out during your Ugandan adventure

Uganda, the East African country has become a favourite among adventure-loving travellers from around the world in the recent years. And to be frank, there are good reasons behind its new-found popularity. The country is full of varied landscape, lush forests and a plethora of wildlife which make it a great destination for an adventurous vacation. And if you are someone who jumps at every opportunity to try out some adventurous activities during your vacation, Uganda is the perfect place for you to visit. And when you do visit this beautiful country, try out these four activities which will surely satisfy your love for adrenalin rush.

1. Gorilla Trekking

One of the most popular and unique adventure activities in Uganda is going for a gorilla trek. Uganda is one of the rare countries which is blessed with a large population of gorillas. The most popular destination where travellers go for gorilla trekking is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forests National Park which acts as a home to approximately 320 gorillas. That is approximately half of the world’s population of gorillas concentrated in only one national park, which gives you a great chance to see these rare and majestic mammals in their natural habitat.

2. Waterfall cruise

Another adventurous activity which you must try out in Uganda is going for a waterfall cruise. Well, a cruise doesn’t sound too adventurous, does it? However, if you visit the Murchison Falls National Park and go you a waterfall cruise, you will get the chance of cruising through the great river of Nile and reach near the mouth of the huge and magnificent Murchison Falls. The current of the water near the mouth and the sheer size of this waterfall make it quite an adventurous activity which you must try-out during your vacation.

3. Go for a hike from Kisoro to Buhoma

If you love to go for a hike, then the classic route from the southwestern Ugandan town of Kisoro to the beautiful hamlet named Buhoma located on the north of Bwindi Impenetrable Forests National Park is a must-try route for you. It usually takes two days to finish the trek, and you will see some of the most beautiful vistas of Uganda when you walk along this trail. You can also combine this trek with gorilla trekking for added adventurous flair.

4. Go for a wildlife safari

With a plethora of wildlife and national parks, Uganda is a country where you have to go for a wildlife safari when you spend a vacation. There are a lot of safaris to choose from, however, one of the most popular destinations where you can go for a wildlife safari is the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Known for its biodiversity, this national park offers you the chance of encountering a variety of animals when you go for a wildlife safari here. The most iconic and popular of them is, of course, the African Savanna Safari, where you can see a variety of savanna animals like lions, elephants, buffaloes and antelopes.

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