Have the Most Memorable Vacation with English Country Cottages

Are you looking for a great vacation spot where you can experience one of the UK’s most stunning destinations? Derbyshire not only offers incredibly historical sites worth visiting, it also provides everything from the most beautiful attractions in nature to incredible cultural opportunities. Here are just of few of the benefits to enjoying a real UK country vacation today.

Luxury Cottages 

If you’re looking to create a trip unlike any other, staying at one of the many luxury cottages in Derbyshire is a great way to start. Whether you’re looking for a small, one-bedroom retreat or an eighteen-room mansion fit for a queen, the wide variety of cottages means that everyone will be able to find their perfect spot. With most being located incredibly close to various famous sites, staying in one of these houses will also afford you the ability to stay much closer to the attractions of your choice. Building the perfect UK vacations starts with Derbyshire Country Cottages.

The Western Dales

Famous for its world renowned opera house and amazing shops, the Dales are a real treat worth experiencing. With towns known far and wide for their great pubs and world-class cheese shops, don’t miss out on a great opportunity for some quality shopping and fun during your trip.

Winnats Pass

Located in Peak District National Park, Winnats Pass offers a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts. It is made up of a winding road that falls in a steep valley with multiple caverns at the end. It’s a beautiful site to see if you’re looking for a bit of nature’s wonder. It’s good to keep in mind that while the path is littered with limestone, it’s part of the national preserve and taking any of it will have pretty serious consequences. However, this is definitely a stop worth mentioning, as you won’t find anything like it in all of the UK.

In Memory of Tip

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind side trip with a bit of quirkiness and sentiment, stopping to see the memorial to Tip the Faithful Sheepdog is an excellent choice. Built to honour the amazing loyalty of a local sheepdog to her beloved master, it’s a sweet little spot located near the Derwent Valley visitor centre that shows just how important love can be.

Climb the Cathedral Tower

The Derby Cathedral Tower is a great place to get a real feel for history and take a step back in time. By climbing the 212 foot high Tudor tower, you’ll be able to get not only a great view of Derby, but also the experience of a lifetime when you hear the oldest working set of bells in the world play its midday tune. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Find your way over to the cathedral and take in the beauty of true UK history.



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