Gorgeous Places To See Summer Flowers In The U.S

Ample sunshine and warm temperatures allow locations across the U.S. to grow beautiful blooms during the summer. Throughout the country, vibrant fields of flowers can be spotted in national parks, in mountain ranges, and even dotted along rural roads. As a result, no matter where your RV rental takes you this summer, you’re sure to spot stunning floral landscapes that are worth a pit stop for pictures and exploration. Learn more about the top places to see summer flowers in the U.S., and then plan your RV road trip with these destinations in mind.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park

If your RV rental takes you out West, plan a stop in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here, you’ll see the state flower, the blue columbine, in full bloom in the summer. The blue columbine is a wildflower featuring a blue-purple hue and enticing aroma. It serves as food for hummingbirds and butterflies, so don’t be surprised if you see them fluttering around the flowers. Rocky Mountain National Park has plenty to offer, so set aside ample time to explore the flowers and more. It is located in Estes Park, Colorado, and features some of the highest mountains in the continental United States.

  1. Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska might not be synonymous with warm summer weather, but that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t have vibrant floral landscapes to offer. Anchorage, in fact, is an ideal spot to see gorgeous summer flowers because daylight lasts so long — up to 18 hours a day during parts of the summer. As a result, flowers have ample sunshine to help them grow. Several spots in Anchorage are well known for beautiful blooms. Along Delaney Park Strip, you’ll discover 150 tea rose bushes, as well as more than 4,000 annuals in the Centennial Rose Garden. Then, head to the Alaska Botanical Garden, where 1,100 perennials are scattered across the 110-acre space. In just one summer day, you’ll spot thousands of varieties of flowers in Anchorage.

  1. Appalachian Mountains

If you’re enjoying a road trip through the south this summer, make sure the Appalachian Trail is one of your destinations. Here, you’ll get to see vibrant rhododendrons in full bloom. Featuring their unmistakable bright pink blooms, these rhododendrons stand out against the lush greenery of the Appalachian mountains. You can discover these flowers blooming along mountain slopes and alongside waterways weaving along the trail.

  1. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier, which stands a whopping 14,410 feet above sea level, is an active volcano. The surrounding Mount Rainier National Park in Washington is an ideal spot for spotting bright flowers every summer. The park features subalpine meadows that typically feature peak blooms in late July and early August, depending, of course, on weather conditions. The park is best known for the purple lupine that bloom in the fields. Lupine grow at higher elevations in the park, usually at 7,000 feet or higher. In total, Mount Rainier National Park is home to hundreds of species of wildflowers, which bloom in both forest and subalpine settings. Exploring this national park in the summer allows you to take in the natural beauty of these blooms.

  1. Paris, Illinois

Sunflowers are seemingly synonymous with summer — and for good reason. These oversized golden flowers begin to bloom in late summer. At L&A Family Farm in Paris, Illinois, you can get up close and personal with these beautiful flowers. Here, you can weave your way through the unique sunflower maze, allowing you to walk through a field of sunflowers while enjoying a little fun at the same time. When you’re searching for sunflowers, remember that these flowers only bloom for a week or two, so be sure to schedule your RV road trip to a sunflower field thoughtfully and carefully.

  1. Boothbay, Maine

An RV road trip through the Northeast should include a visit to Maine if you’re searching for vibrant summer flowers. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens features 300 acres of both natural and cultivated flowers. Daily garden tours are available, allowing you to explore these expansive botanical gardens with the assistance of a guide. Inside, you’ll discover a children’s garden, water features, open grassy areas, and a variety of gardens with beautiful blooms. Spend a day exploring the beauty of Maine in the summer at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Flowers bloom deep into the summer throughout the United States, which allows you to find plenty of brilliantly colored fields regardless of your location. When you’re planning a trip in your RV rental, consider how you can best explore nature along the way. Set aside time during your trip to find one of these beautiful spots for summer flowers. Or, check out local and national parks for even more vibrant blooms. Regardless of where you visit, you’ll never be too far from vibrant fields of flowers that showcase the beauty of summer in the United States.

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