A trip to Hawaii can be a fruit connoisseur’s “dream come true” and for very good reason. The islands abound with a wonderful blend of exotic fruits that can dazzle even the most seasoned of fruit lovers. A good overview of what is available should help you find what you really like quickly and help you to focus on eating a lot of it during your stay in Hawaii. The choices range from sour to sweet, with many combinations along the way.

The Lychee

The lychee is a small fruit with red skin that resembles the common artistic conceptualization of a dragon’s skin. Inside this thin skin is a lusciously juicy orb of somewhat transparent milky white flesh. Inside that white fleshy mass is a seed, so be careful not to swallow it whole. What does this wonderful fruit taste like? Well, possibly the only similarly tasting fruit may be the rambuton, which we will take a look at next!

The Rambuton

The rambuton is like a lychee that has grown soft, long tentacles all over its outer casing. It likely looks more like a piece of modern art than it does an edible fruit. While it may be tempting to just leave it intact and enjoy its artistic value, it is very similar in taste to lychee and can be quite fun to open, so go for it and enjoy the exotic flavor it has to offer. If so inspired, you can still decorate your rental car or hotel room with rambuton casings after eating the fruit.

Sour Sap

The sour sap is a luxuriously lavish fruit verging on orgasmic in its flavorful flesh. It is likely the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and the soft milky white flesh is literally dripping with nectar. Its outer skin is a pistachio green and is covered with beautiful scales which make the fruit look like a small dragon wing. It varies in size from about the size of a baseball to possibly 7 times that size or more. Find one, if at all possible, and enjoy it.

The Atamoya

The atamoya is a similar fruit to the sour sap in appearance, but it is often smaller and not so sour. It tastes a bit sweeter in its own rich and creamy way and some people consider it to be like creamy pudding. Coincidentally, there is even a “vanilla” and a “chocolate” flavor to enjoy.

Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit is extremely unique in appearance and that is likely why it has such an interesting name. If someone were to point it out and claim it was a dragon egg, an observer might find it somewhat believable. It certainly looks like one may be expected to appear, at least. The outside is covered in long scales which are colored with a gradient of pink and light green. They extend out to make it look like a kind of spherical flower. The inside of this truly exotic fruit is a mildly sweet flavor.