Four things you should know if you own a Miele vacuum

Bought it and forgot it? The pride of your home might be sitting neglected in your hall closet, only to get attention when you spill some food on the carpet or before entertaining guests. Are you investing in a Miele vacuum cleaner? Then here are a few things that you should know.

Vacuum bag replacement

One of the most important qualities of your home is clean air. Maybe you have over-active children running around huffing and puffing, or maybe there is someone older who needs all the clean air they can get. By cleaning your floor, you are doing everyone’s health a favour. However, if your vacuum bag is full, then you are only spreading the dust into the air. If you are having trouble closing the lid on your vacuum, it might be time to change the bag.

Having the right tools for the job

One tool never does it all and there are probably more jobs your vacuum can do than you ever considered. Those often-ignored spots around high hanging lights or the hard to reach places at the top of your cabinets don’t get much attention. Did you know there is a telescopic extension tube that will make that easier than you thought? Maybe you want to do some dusting around plants or artwork without getting dust in the air. This can easily be done with accessories like the dusting brush with natural bristles. These and more spares can be found with the click of a button.

Don’t void your warranty

Everyone is always looking to save a pound or two; however, this might cost you more in the long run. By sticking to quality, brand name parts for your Miele vacuum you will be doing it and yourself a huge favour. Off-brand products can easily ruin a machine if the fit isn’t exact deeming the warranty void. You may have bought your Miele for its high-quality dust filtration and you don’t want to run the risk of contaminating it with inferior products. Why run the risk of ruining your air and your warranty? A company like Spares2you has all your quality spares in one place.

Are your needs being met?

Do you know the difference between a £12 filter and a £32 filter? No? Neither do I. However, you do probably know what needs are specific to your home. Being able to easily compare products or ask an expert is a valuable advantage to buying from a miele spares dealer who knows their products. It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind.

If you own a quality Miele vacuum or are looking to buy one, it’s nice to know someone out there has you covered from quality advice to quality miele spares. That well thought out purchase is always looking after you, don’t forget to look after it.

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