Jumpstart your web hosting business from home – Tips on how to go about the process

There are many who prefer starting a personal web hosting business sitting within the comfort of their home, while some others might feel that this isn’t a realistic and practical idea. At the same time there are others who manage to earn thousands of dollars by reselling hosting packages of some of the top hosting firms. There are just few things to focus on like marketing and promoting your new start-up to attract more customers and choosing the right type of hosting plans which can be used by anyone who doesn’t even have any technical know-how.

If you’re able to achieve back-to-back clients, then operating a web hosting business can definitely be profitable. With that said, you will realize that the market is competitive and big shot companies have the bigger pieces of the market. Yet another tough nut to crack is to attract natural traffic from search engines. Purchasing visitors through Google AdWords won’t give you anticipated return on the investments which you make.

  • Buy and sell websites at online auctions

There isn’t any need to lose hope as there are many ways in which you can get the task done. One of the best procedures is buying and selling websites on various auction websites. For every website that you sell online, you get free hosting for a month, 6 month or even a year. Your listing can stand out, lure higher bids and generate enough profits as well. Such marketing strategies will attract customers who are planning of renewing their hosting plan after free hosting period of the package is done.

  • Utilize the benefits of WordPress

WordPress is an easy-to-use and free platform for making free blog hosting websites. You may add personal links to the free blogs that are created by people. You may add your personal links to such free blogs which are designed by people. This can assist you in generating revenue and promoting service and also in selling updated packages to customers. You may even try and build new relationships with web designers and other developers.

  • You don’t require being a great designer

Even though you aren’t good at web designing skills for creating websites to sell off your web hosting plans, you can still manage by hiring private programs as most of them are free. They provide you with different templates and also a control panel which can help you in building your site in just few minutes.

  • Be a reseller

Even though you’re a novice or you don’t know anything about hosting, you needn’t worry as with the help of reseller hosting programs, you can still jumpstart your hosting business. Buy hosting packages at wholesale prices and sell them at higher prices. This can let you focus on the marketing front and leave technical aspects to people who know how they should deal with technical issues.

Therefore, if you’re eager to start a web hosting business of your own, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips. You may check out few leaders in web hosting industries like https://www.ipage.com/advanced-hosting/dedi-ppc.bml


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