Must-Review Items Before Signing an Apartment Lease

When apartment searching you may have finally found the perfect place; however, don’t jump right into signing the lease without reading it first. Signing a lease without realizing it is not going to be what you thought, it is going to be a long year. Here are 5 important things you must review before signing a lease for a brand new apartment

1) Know What’s Included

Knowing what is included within your lease agreement is very important. Some include utilities and parking in the monthly rent and some do not. This can make or break your decision on the place because it can make the monthly rent higher than expected. Make sure to ask what is included in the monthly rent before signing.

2) Can You Make Changes?

Some modern apartments allow you to customize the inside and add changes if wanted, such as painting walls or installing your own lights. However, if you do this without permission your lease can be terminated or you could lose your security deposit. Therefore, if you are wanting to make changes, make sure you see if it is even a possibility before signing.

3) Good Location

Before signing the lease, make sure the location of the apartment works best for you. A big factor to check for is the distance from home to your work. If it is a far drive then it may not be worth it from all the money you are wasting on gas to commute back and forth. Not only do you want to make sure it is close to work, but also if there are good stores and fun things to do around you.

4) Confirm That the Terms in the Lease Match What You’ve Been Told

Nothing is worse than thinking you are getting one thing but getting the complete opposite. Therefore, before signing make sure that everything you have been told is also written in the lease.

5) Understand Any Lease Termination Policies

Lease agreements are all different. One thing you will want to check is if it automatically renews or the amount of notice needed to give them about renewing your lease. Another to check for is the policy of breaking the lease so you will find out if there are any circumstances of leaving early.

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