What You Can Expect from the Best Providers of Luxury Tablecloth

You’ve been looking forward to this day for some time. As the owner of a restaurant, you know as much as anyone else the benefit of a good day’s business – word of mouth, which means even more business, a chance to grow your restaurant into something special, and something which can stand one of the great accomplishments of your life.

You’ve been looking forward to this day for some time. With a huge convention in town, you’re ready to fill your hotel with prestigious guests in a business deal that could stand as one of the great accomplishments of your life.

All of which makes it really, truly unfortunate that sticky, foul-smelling, unwashed tablecloths are putting a damper on these events!

Don’t let the little things get in the way of life’s grandest moments. From the top styles to the best washing, drying, and delivering service, Stalbridge Linen tablecloth hire has you covered!

Why Tablecloths Matter

One of the great things about tablecloths as a linen décor accessory is the fact that they’re a perfect example of form and function working together in perfect harmony – when they’re done right, that is.
On the one hand, let’s face it – if your tables deal with any degree of daily wear, especially if food or beverages are involved, you absolutely need tablecloths. Not only do you not want to deal with stains or water damage, but by not putting down tablecloths, your tables themselves get exposed to all manner of food particles and spilled drinks. After all, it’s a lot easier to get the stains out of linen cloth designed to be cleaned rather than the nooks and crannies of some hardwood table!

On the other hand, linen table cloths like those offered by Stalbridge are a great way to class up your room a bit. Enough period pieces have us absolutely convinced that lovely white tablecloths are an absolute must for any classy gathering, and whether you watch the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice religiously or couldn’t tell Downton Abbey from Doctor Who, the fact of the matter remains that tablecloths add a dash of class to any room, to say nothing of personality. Think that old hardwood table could do with a little livening up? A lovely low-cost white patterned tablecloth is a great cost-effective way to do it!

Tablecloth Colours

As you might have guessed from the previous section, white is one of the most traditional and popular choices with respect to table cloth colour selection. And with good reason – it’s bright, goes well with most tables, and tends to connote as classy.

With that being said, there’s a veritable rainbow of colours from which to choose when it comes to tablecloth selection. One thing to keep in consideration is the fact that, if you are in fact ordering these for a restaurant, you need your tablecloths looking clean every day. Unless you plan on washing and drying your tablecloths quite frequently, you might want to look into darker, better stain-concealing options. A good middle ground to strike is by matching the colour of your tablecloth to that of your carpeting or other key colour within the overall design scheme of your décor. This provides a sense of tastefulness and balance while doubling as a handy way to ensure that not every little stain shows up.

There’s also the question of catching the customer’s eye. Sure, darker colours might hide stains better, but brighter colours might be a bit more eye-catching and liven up the room.
In the end, it’s all a balancing act, carefully catered to your specific décor needs.
Washing and Drying Services

OK, so you’ve picked out the colour and pattern for your ideal tablecloth and put them through a standard week of work, which has naturally left them needing a bit of a wash. Now what?

The best linen tablecloth providers tend to likewise provide fantastic washing and drying services. These are operated with the utmost care and delicacy, to ensure that sensitive patterns and fabrics aren’t worn ragged by hash washing methods. After your tablecloths have been cleaned, they’ll be dried and pressed. Far too often, even the most scrupulous restaurants and hotels overlook the latter directive. For as important as it is to wash and dry tablecloths effectively, so too is it imperative that they be pressed, lest they crease or otherwise appear rumpled and unkempt. You don’t want all that hard work with respect to cleaning and drying your tablecloths to have been for nothing, which is why the best washing and drying services work to press tablecloths as necessary before delivering them in a prompt and timely manner.

Quality Customer Service

There are few things more important to any successful business model in any business than customer service. After all, you can have the finest linen options and the best pressers, washers, and driers in the UK on your side – if your orders aren’t fielded in a quick and timely manner, or are late, or are otherwise mishandled, it can be absolute chaos. That’s why the best providers of luxury tablecloths in the UK likewise provide quality customer service from start to finish. They’ll be able to help you with everything from picking among different styles and brands to scheduling washing and drying days to handling all the necessary dirty work to keep your tablecloths squeaky clean!

Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to something as critical to your interior décor as your luxury tablecloths, you want a first-class team on your side. You don’t want to pay for washing and drying services only to get stained remains of tattered old tablecloths, and you certainly don’t want to be getting anything back a day too late! That’s why the best suppliers, washers, driers, and deliverers of linen tablecloths typically have decades of experience to their credit, ensuring a job well done each time!
Get the best luxury tablecloths for all your most important occasions today!

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