Revolving Small Business Lines of Credit Are the Perfect Funding Solutions for Small Business

Ask any business owner what their biggest concern is when it comes to running their companies. The answer is universally capital. Making sure that your business is adequately capitalized at all times is a hefty task that many small business owners struggle with.

The good news is that there are a wide range of loan options that make it possible to ensure that your small business is always properly capitalized.

One such option is a revolving business line of credit. A revolving business line of credit is the one type of permanent loan option that most financial professionals say that no business, small or otherwise, should do without. Here’s why.

A revolving small business line of credit is a loan that offers many of the benefits of several different types of loans. For example, a revolving small business line of credit is structured much like a credit card in that your company is assigned a credit limit. You are free to use the money in the loan any way you wish, up to the approved limit. You can take the proceeds all at once or you can choose to use the funds a little at a time in order to custom fit your loan option to your business’s unique needs.

In addition, the revolving business line of credit offers flexible repayment terms like a credit card. For example, let’s say you borrow $1,000 from your line of credit in order to fulfill an unexpected order. Your customer pays for his order in full, giving you the opportunity to repay the loan in full, eliminating the need to pay any interest on the note. However, let’s say you borrowed the money to purchase a new piece of equipment. You can break up the repayment of the funds over several months, so long as you are meeting the minimum repayment requirements.

Unlike a credit card, however, you aren’t limited in how you can use the funds. Credit cards are generally only used at the point of sale to pay for goods or services or to make payments to vendors. With a revolving line of credit, you can use the funds wherever you need to. This is because the funds are available for you to write checks against or to get cash. And, unlike a credit card, a revolving line of credit offers a smaller interest rate. This means that spacing your payments out won’t break the bank.

A revolving business line of credit also offers attributes like a traditional installment loan. Like an installment loan, you have the opportunity to use the funds from your loan any way you wish. However, unlike an installment loan, you don’t have to take all of the approved funds immediately and you don’t have a fixed monthly payment you have to make to the lender. Of course, the interest rate structure of a revolving small business line of credit is much more like an installment loan than a credit card, which is designed to save you money.

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