The Video Advertising Boom

The start of the millennium saw digital screens become small enough to enable reasonable definition on a hand held device, and the development didn’t stop there, with today’s generation of smartphones that can stream HDTV directly from the Internet, the world of video advertising has become the arena for success. The cost of putting together a 20 second commercial would be low when you consider how many potential customers it will reach. It would be displayed on your website, and also your pages on various social media sites, and of course, you could always email the production to your regular customers.

User Friendly Applications

You would need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, and by using a digital video editing program, such as Adobe Premier, or Final Cut, you can quite easily create a professional grade video. You would need access to backing tracks, and there are websites with a huge stock of instrumental background tracks, waiting for you to download. An efficient search engine within the site quickly takes you to the type of track you are looking for, and the online payment process is secure and within minutes, you will have the perfect backing track for your promotional video.

Professional Service

If you are not so IT proficient, and would prefer to outsource the making of the video, there are online companies that will write the storyboard, create the design and digitally edit the final result. The same company would also be into digital marketing, and by placing the film in the right places, you will receive a positive response to your video campaign.

Online Resources

Anyone who is seriously into musical creativity is living in the right era, as digital technology and more powerful software empowers a person by creating just about every instrument ever invented, and with mixing and overlaying, you can create your own audio masterpiece on your PC.

A Powerful Tool

Video as a marketing tool is perhaps the most effective, mainly because you have audio and visual coming together, and with a well-produced film, you can deliver a very dynamic message. It’s hard to believe, but it is possible to produce a TV quality video with a digital camera and the right software, something that would have cost a fortune only a few years ago.

Marketing Strategies

The video itself should carry a strong message, and if you are aiming at existing customers, you could get away with 3 minutes maximum. Any longer and people start to skip and your message loses impact. Video marketing was rarely used up until a few years ago, and then it would mainly be large supermarkets, malls, and public buildings, and might also be used for information at museums and art galleries. This would simply involve installing a screen with a VCR player hidden underneath, playing a continual loop. Today is a different story, as it is very easy to upload a high definition video to any number of Internet platforms, and smartphone users will be able to view the film clearly.

Video took the world into a new era, and with the digital highway firmly established, it is the most effective advertising method there is.

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