Toning Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde hair extensions sometimes make people have to deal with the problem especially when they have the hair with ash blonde or super light color. It can be challenging because they often cannot find the hair extension which comes with the same shade. That is why they need to consider about toning the blonde hair extension so they can get the perfect result. There are some steps which should be followed if they want to get the matching blonde hair extension. The blonde hair will not only look beautiful but also longer and thicker super easily. Take a look step by step from hair extension blog tips.

Step One to Tone Blonde Hair Extensions

People maybe will have very great question about the way toning the blonde hair extension. It sounds very complicated thing but if they want to tone their blonde hair extension, the very first step which should be done is investing in the best quality shampoo. It should be able to tone their hair but at the same time, it should also be very hydrating. This way, the hair extension will not get damaged by the shampoo.

Next Steps

When people want to tone their blonde hair extension, they should prepare a bowl filled with lukewarm water. The shampoo should be added to the water. The strand test should be conducted before people tone any hair extension. It is necessary so people will be able to see the way the hair extension will react to the shampoo for toning. They can use one clip weft to test the reaction of the hair extension to the toning shampoo.

They just need to put it into the water and massage the shampoo combination gently. It can be done for 20-30 seconds only. If they think that the test strand looks fine, they can do it again and again to other weft. They still have to rinse the weft from the shampoo liquid thoroughly.

They have to make sure that they start with the first hair extension weft used. People must not forget to use conditioning to keep the moisture of the hair extension which is lost because of shampooing process. Of course they need to rinse the blonde hair extension thoroughly. The hair extension can be placed on the towel then. They need to pat it dry for removing any water excess. Hairexten also gives tips to get much better result, people can just leave the hair extensions on the towel so it can dry with natural way overnight. There is no need to worry when people want to get perfect blonde hair extensions. Read more about Blonde Hair Extensions Types.

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