4 Things to Know Before you Get Your Alopecia Tattoo

An important part of treating alopecia, is treating the self-esteem of the patient.  Getting an alopecia tattoo to replicate the hair you lose is a great way to help boost your confidence and make your hair loss less conspicuous.  Before you embark on your tattoo procedure there are a few important questions to ask your tattoo professional.

What types of needles do they use?

While you always want to make sure that they use new needles for each tattoo, it is also important to find out if they use the cosmetic needles for their procedures.  Standard tattoo needles are typically thicker and may not be able to replicate the delicate features of a hair follicle as well as the thinner cosmetic grade needles.  In addition, cosmetic needles are not perfectly round and can create the jagged edge needed to accurately represent a hair follicle when viewed closer.

What type of ink do they incorporate?

To get the best results that will last without having to be touched up repeatedly, you will want to make sure they use the appropriate inks for the area you are having tattooed.  Normal tattoo inks can have a blue tint to the black and will not always give a natural hair look.  Cosmetic grade tattoo ink should only be used for the facial hair areas such as eyebrow replacement.  If cosmetic ink is used on the head, the exposure to the sun can cause it to fade more quickly and require touch ups more often.  An ink specifically designed for the scalp should be used to insure the most optimum results.  The company you use should be able to provide with the information and formulation on the inks that they use.

Do they have samples of their work?

It is important to realize that this procedure is permanent, and while it can be altered after it is done, removal would require an additional sometimes costly procedure.  Therefore it is important to find a professional who does work in line with the quality you are looking for as well as determine exactly what you want your new alopecia tattoo to look like.  View some samples and consult with them on what would be the best look and approach for you so that you are happy with the end product.

What are the risks involved?

As with tattooing on any part of the body, alopecia tattoos are considered a safe procedure. The two main item to be addressed in regards to safety are clean needles and risk of allergic reaction.  To avoid any risks it is important to make sure the facility you use utilizes new needles for each project and ask your professional to perform a patch test with their ink to check for allergies.

By addressing the questions above you can be sure that you will not only have a safe outcome from your tattoo procedure, but also be happy with the end results.

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