Add Continuity and Style with Porcelain Paving

When you desire continuity between interior and exterior spaces, follow the example of an increasing number of property owners and professional designers by installing porcelain paving which is attractive, enduring, practical and a rewarding investment.

  • Porcelain paving is surprisingly long lasting.
  • It bears the British weather well.
  • Fade resistant.
  • Watermark and stain resistant.
  • Slip proof.
  • Frost proof.
  • Meets all industry and legislative standards.
  • Available in a range of colours and with wood effect finishes.
  • 20mm thickness.
  • Low maintenance landscaping.

Is Porcelain Paving Strong Enough?

Porcelain paving is built to last. Discard thoughts of granny’s old teapot because science, innovation and design have delivered the perfect performance product.

Petrous premium porcelain paving products from industry leaders are astonishingly strong. Petrous is the term given to the bone at the base of your skull; the hardest bone in the human body. As you’re not prone to shatter when prodded, nor will your interior-exterior paving solution.

Expect outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional service from your paving supplier. Use the same product in conservatories, garden rooms, on terraces, porchways, pathways and patios to achieve hugely appealing flow from indoors to outside, from front door to rear gate. 

Your outdoor room

When you consider your garden as another room to decorate it reduces the tendency to ignore aesthetics or to bear with untidy, lacklustre materials and features. Summertime calls us to enjoy outdoor living, so make this area a room you wish to luxuriate, relax, dine and entertain in.

  • Stockists can also provide other landscaping materials, ancillary products including weed membranes, porcelain pathways edging, aggregates, turf and topsoil.
  • Porcelain pathways and paving tiles are manufactured by market leaders, Rivar and Global Stone, for example.
  • Suppliers should be able to advise you about the right solutions for your needs, not just point at the sale options.
  • No two customers are the same, nor are paving products. Reflect your personality in your design.
  • Ask questions about product attributes, installation and the correct amounts of paving to be purchased.
  • Delivery or take away options are often available although some products have a short lead time.
  • Porcelain pathways and paving are available in wood effect finishes which offer the convincing aesthetics of timber with the longevity of porcelain.

Cinnamon wood effect porcelain paving: 

  • Rivar product.
  • Porcelain paving expertly crafted to resemble wood.
  • Offers crisp lines, a contemporary and luxurious finish.
  • 810mm x 405mm, 20mm thick paving.
  • No maintenance tasks.


Silver petrous premium porcelain:

  • Global Stone’s Trento range.
  • 450mm x 900mm porcelain tiles.
  • Popular with professional designers, landscapers and homeowners.
  • Top level craftsmanship.
  • Interior-exterior continuity.
  • Almost no maintenance.

Multicolour porcelain tiles:

  • From Rivar.
  • 600mm x 600mm multicolour Brera porcelain paving slabs.
  • 20mm thickness.
  • Natural and elegant.
  • Consistent colour, depth and texture.
  • Slabs are sold separately.
  • Sealing is not necessary.
  • Stain, slip and fade resistant.
  • Frost-proof.
  • No maintenance.

Whatever your tastes, budget and existing design features which must be factored in to creating a flowing space, there is a porcelain pathways and paving product waiting for you at the leading paving suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Tadley, Newbury and Windlesham.

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