Acing the Smartphone World with Android Training

The biggest revolution that the modern world has seen is a smartphone. With the click of a button, you can buy things, sell things, learn about topics, and get entertainment and much more. And all this has been possible only because of the standardisation that Android has built to the operating systems on which majority of the smartphones run. Android achieves scale using the plethora of applications that it offers, which are developed primarily by android developers. With the rise in demand for Android developers around the world, with the exponentially growing smartphone market, there is a strong potential for skilled and experienced Android developers around the world as there is an acute shortage of good developers in the community. A well-trained developer can easily build a successful career in this field by choosing the best course to train and then gathering experience over time.  The android development course focuses on providing you with the basics of Android app development in the most comprehensive manner and also provides hands-on training through projects and mentorship to keep you ahead of the curve at all stages.

Why Android App Development?

With the advent of smartphones even in the remotest corners of the world which have an inadequate power supply, it is highly desirable to have a skilled android app developer working on game-changing applications. Due to this rising demand and scarce supply, Android developers are paid well compared to similar professions in the market. This demand for Android app developers is only projected to increase in the coming years with an even deeper inclusion of smartphones among the global population. Hence, a person with adequate skills in Android app development can make a rewarding career in this field.

Studying Android App Development

The Android app development course is a 12-week certification course that is specially designed keeping in mind beginners who wish to pursue android app development and have a passion for it. The course mainly covers the basics of Android Studio, which helps in building highly functional Android applications. This course highly focuses upon User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design with a strong emphasis on building layouts with XML and also in using RecyclerView to display large collections of data in a grid format. The course also focuses on testing and debugging the application for identifying and troubleshooting errors using the system log output and also the Android Studio Debugger. Creating an SQLite database for your Android application is also a skill that you will gain by excelling this course. Some of the other aspects of Android app development covered in this course include adding widgets to the home screen, displaying notifications from the background and consuming web services in JSON format, to name a few. The course also touches upon Gradle build files for giving you an all-around learning experience on the topic. The android development course also focuses on the handling of data generated by the android application by teaching certain aspects of data analytics courses in this course. By the end of the course, there is a hands-on capstone project to build an android application from scratch, with online mentoring from professional developers who are industry experts in app development.

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