Advantages of Screen Printing

Most uniforms often feature school logos on them, so it’s important that manufacturers choose a reliable printing method to create the best quality uniforms. There are plenty of different methods that can be used for printing designs on any kind of shirt. The most common printing method used by companies is the screen printing method. It is popular for a variety of reasons and has become the primary printing method currently used by T-shirt manufacturers, and there’s no reason why it can’t be used for printing uniforms as well.

Smilee uniform screen printing is very popular, and many local companies get their uniforms printed from them. Here are just some of the many advantages that you get for choosing screen printing.


Affordability is key for companies when ordering uniforms in bulk quantities. They have to make sure that they save as much money as possible when ordering uniforms, mainly because they are given to workers without any extra charge. There’s no need for companies to pay a significant premium when ordering uniforms in bulk quantities. Compared to other methods used by companies for printing designs on a fabric, screen printing is the most popular and affordable choice.


Another reason why so many companies prefer screen printed uniforms is because the design that is printed on the shirt is incredibly durable. It doesn’t fade easily, so you don’t have to worry about the design coming off anytime soon. If your employees have to work in difficult conditions such as increased temperatures, there’s no need to worry about the uniform’s logo or design coming off. Screen printing uses pressure directly from a squeegee that forces the ink onto the fibres through the use of a mechanical device, which integrates the ink into the fabric deeply. This means that it’s very difficult to get the ink off even in difficult working conditions.


Another major advantage that screen printing offers is very flexible sizing. A single image can be sized up or down accordingly as per your requirements. Basically, this means that the logo can be sized up to cover the entire front or back of the shirt, or you could have it sized small enough so that it covers only the front pocket. It primarily depends on the design that you are wanting to print. You just have to make sure that the image you use for printing is of a very high resolution, otherwise the up-scaled image may become pixelated.


Screen printing is also incredibly versatile, meaning you can print the image on a variety of different colour bases without having to worry about a poor quality print.

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