EaseUS SD Card Data Recovery Software Will Help You To Recover Your All Data

We are still faced with the unpleasant situation of losing our files. We are animals of customs and, with a few exceptions, we continue to risk our precious documents or photos. Recently, I deleted without realizing the memory card of my camera erasing the photos of a trip to Paris. An impulsive but very dangerous gesture.

The next step should not be panic or doing things without thinking. We recommend you analyze what happened, see what folders or units have been affected and download a file recovery software. We will use the EaseUs software. It’s free up to 2GB and, if we know the folders work great.

Recovering files with EaseUS SD Card Data Recovery Software:

In the first place because it allows recovering data from any unit, this means that we can also recover data from a damaged SD or from our mobile, as well as working with RAW partitions, which in practice allows us to recover data from a hard drive (external or internal) formatted and without partition table.

Second (and more important) is because it is able to recover the files even though they are fragmented and the table of files lost, being able to see a preview before recovery to see if it is worth recovering or have already been overwritten by others

  1. Download the software:

First of all we must download free data recovery software version of EaseUS unless you are very distracted or you want to recover information on multiple PCs. In that case, you can try and buy the professional version, which will free you from multiple difficulties.

  1. Selection of the type of files and the unit to recover:

Our recovery is on a 32GB MicroSD card, a card used in a reflex camera. The first step is to select the files that we want to recover. Thus, the search will be very precise, especially in the case of documents. In our case we do not select the type of files since we only have one type of file.

Then we must look for the unit inside our PC. It also offers some common folders, such as the desk or libraries, to reduce the search and focus efforts. This way we will have better results and faster.

  1. File recovery:

After selecting the folder in question the program will start looking for our deleted files. As you can see easeUS SD card data recovery software is very simple and they have preferred to simplify the stages so that anyone can recover their lost or deleted files without having to be an expert.


When finished examining the directories it will show us the folders that you found along with all the files that were in them. This will make it easier to see the folders you have found. If you still have not found the file or files that we were looking for we can perform a deep scan on the hard drives, in the MicroSD it does it automatically.

If you ever have a problem of loss of documents you must use this type of software that allows us to recover the files easily and never regret lost files.

Some tips on recovery:

Our data is important, especially if we are dealing with a business or company that allows us to earn money. Therefore we should not neglect them. Keeping the following tips in mind will always be useful:

  • Do not write or use in any way the unit where there is data loss (except to recover the data). Doing it is more likely to be overwritten and you can never recover them.
  • Do not give up. Without a standard scan you have not been able to recover your data, you can always do a deep scan with EaseUS Data Recovery, which will take much longer.
  • Once you have your data safe, consider using a permanent backup drive with Windows file history or a cloud service like OneDrive, which can save you in the future from this dreaded situation.

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