Tips for Facebook: How to write the best post

Would you like your posts to be read by as many people as possible? Do you want to add new followers to your Fan Page? Do you want your content to be shared among the contacts of your audience? If the answer to these questions is positive then read on, because in this article we give you some tips for Facebook, so you can write the best post.

  1. Keep your short texts:

While Facebook allows you to post states as long as you want, it is best to upload posts with short texts. You can handle yourself as you would on Twitter and the best size for your Facebook posts is 140 characters (or even less). We recommend this for two reasons: the most important is to favor the display of your post on mobile devices. The image below illustrates this point.

The other reason for writing short status updates has to do with increasing the readability and clarity of your posts. The idea is that the user can quickly find out what your proposal is. It is a trend that is increasing, especially imposed by social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. In them, the texts are usually short and concise. With that objective, when inserting links, we recommend shortening them with different link shortened websites.

  1. Optimize your links on Facebook:

This tip is perfect to encourage your fans to click on your links. It’s about optimizing the links you publish to make them more clickable. With that objective, you must choose content to share that have an attractive photo and a title and description suitable for viewing on Facebook. Thus, you have the opportunity to include a more impressive image than the one shown by default, and you can preview the first paragraph of the link to share to make it more informative and clickable.

(EXTRA TIP!) The ideal size of images to post on Facebook: the social network suggests using photos with a minimum size of 1200 × 600 pixels, thinking of high-resolution devices. The truth is that you can use smaller images, as long as you respect the proportion (the minimum size is 600 × 315).

  1. Keep your accounts updated (one of the best tips for Facebook):

This point is essential to promote the engagement of your audience: if your last publication is a week ago, you lose “freshness” and appeal to the public. Updating your Fan Page daily is essential to increase your presence on Facebook. In addition, it favors your image before users, since being updated is a sample of professionalism of every brand of the 21st century.

To be always updated in all your accounts without having to be online every day, you can use our program to post to Facebook automatically for free (up to 10 times at no cost!). In effect, with our application, you have the possibility to schedule publications on social networks. This allows you to save working time and reduce the risk of forgetting to update some of your Fan Page.

  1. Be conversational, not promotional:

Currently, the algorithms of Facebook diminish the reach of publications that they identify as too promotional (especially that of those posts that instigate users to buy a product or service). Keep this in mind when you are editing your publication. Consider the type of words you are using and if they could be too commercial for Facebook. Below you can see an example of one of our publications of the Fan Page of Social Tools, in which the firm is promoted without incurring commercial terminology.

To promote your brand on Facebook without having problems with the social network, the best alternative is to create ads and use external applications. In this sense, we recommend Social Tools, tool with which you can create contests and promotions easily and quickly.

  1. Post at convenient times:

First of all, we clarify that there is no standard schedule to make your posts on Facebook that guarantee success, but specific cases. This means that you yourself have to discover what are the best times of the day to upload your publications, according to the characteristics of your brand and your audience.

To know which is the most convenient time to post, you must go to the “Insights” tab that is available at the top of your Fan Page. Once there you have to click on the option “Posts” or Publications and then you will see information about what is the best day and the best times to publish. Although these data are a mere orientation, it is always useful to know what is the time of the day in which your audience is most active, to help you succeed with your publications.

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