Tips for deterring cold callers

The Times reported that, of all the countries in Europe, Britain is the worst for having to deal with unwanted cold-callers. A ridiculous 2.2 billion cold calls were made last year — that’s 4,200 calls and messages per minute! Worse yet, most of these calls were scam calls.

57% of people were reported as saying that the worst part of owning a phone is having to deal with nuisance cold-calls. Sure, you can hang up immediately, but that doesn’t always stop a cold-caller from trying again. So, how can you make sure they won’t dial back again?

Types of cold-call

Not all cold-calls are the same, so let’s take a look at a few different types you might encounter.

The most common cold-calls are to do with payment protection insurance (PPI), pensions, and insurance coverage. Research shows these types of calls clock up around six million phone calls and text messages every day.

Further to this, callers claiming to be specialists for injury claims or holiday sickness claims totalled at 895 million texts and calls. Those over the age of 65 found themselves experiencing the majority of the calls — posing the question: are companies like this preying on older people who are likely to be more vulnerable? True Solicitors, who are experts in work accident claims and can easily spot a scam call, provide the following tips:

“Calls may be recorded for…”

Here’s a handy script for you to use next time: “Hello, just to let you know that I will be recording this phone call as you’re not complying with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations of 2003. This legislation has been put in place to help restrict marketing methods through cold-calling, unsolicited texts, emails, and faxes”. The good thing about this trick is that they’ve probably ended the call after the first sentence. Don’t be afraid to try this one!

Remove their goal your money

Cold-calls boil down to one thing, really. They are calling to get your money. Tell them that you’re an undischarged bankrupt and they will put the phone done quicker than you could imagine. By saying this, you’re telling them that you are unable to obtain credit beyond a certain limit without informing the creditor of your status. Of course, this does not exist in your case — but they don’t know that.

Turn it around and waste their time!

The most annoying part of cold-calls is the feeling that your time has been wasted. Turns out, cold callers hate having their time wasted too, so turn it on them! They call to get you instantly on board with some product or service that they’re selling, but telling them you’re not interested at the start of the call won’t achieve anything. They will first mention the product that they are selling and you must act interested at the start, they’ll start their sales patter and after they’ve put the effort into doing that — just admit that you’re not really interested and admit that you were just wasting their time. Remember that they have targets — they’ll not want to ring your number again!

Practice another language (or speak gibberish)

The chances are, the cold-caller is going to expect to hear English when dialling a British number. Don’t conform to what they want! If you can speak another language, try doing that, and as they won’t be able to understand what you’re saying, they will hang up. If you don’t know another language, make it up and this will leave them even more confused than what they originally were.

Pretend you’re a criminal

This tactic is a good deterrent for most types of scam calls. Tell them that you’ve been issued a travel injunction and have had your passport revoked by the county court or, tell them that you’re in custody and are awaiting your trial and plan to plead guilty.

Try these tips to find your phoneline cold-call free! It’s also a good decision to block their phone number, however as they change frequently — this not be a viable option. Some phones have the ability to put callers through an answer machine first, where they have to notify the person they are ringing who they are and then press several buttons. Cold-callers will not want to go through this much effort.

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