Basic Tips New Brides Shouldn’t Miss On Choosing Wedding Flowers

If you are a new bride or bride-to-be, then this article is for you. As I know that flower selection is every bride’s top-most problem. Clearly, we don’t know more about flowers and wedding is a totally new experience for every bride. Aside from flowers, there are so many areas that need the same attention as flowers.

To come out from this frustration or to hire a person who can help you, in this case, you need to hire a perfect florist. So, find Luxury florist in london ,give him the negotiable amount, let him know your fantasies; he will definitely give you the best output. For hiring a florist, read some articles which offer you few savvy tips on factors to seek in a florist.

But before going to hire a florist, learn some basics on wedding flowers.

  • I recommend you to do your homework before consulting any florist, as it will save your time and make you feel a lot more confident while approaching any skilled florist. There are so many sources which can help you out like Google Images, wedding blogs or wedding magazines. Take screen-shots of those flowers or wedding arrangements that you like the most.
  • Think about whether your wedding has a theme or not. Like, including shells in the bouquet for a beach wedding can look perfect. So, before adopting any ideas, don’t forget thinking on your wedding theme.
  • Select at least one or two types of flowers that you would like to feature if they are in season. Blooms are included because of their meaning or they could hold personal memories to the bride and groom. There are so many articles that mention the exact meaning of flowers, so you should go through it.
  • Know your budget which can be extremely helpful to your florist if you are armed with your budget. This can help you both in discussing the best way to get value for your money. You can dig on for more information.
  • Don’t skimp on the bride’s bouquet as it is your special day and you are worth it. But, you can certainly be creative with the bridesmaid’s flowers. The current trend is, 3 or 4 large blooms like gerberas or gorgeous lilies which can give you real bloom which can fit in your budget. On the internet, there are so many suggestions that can stretch your budget and give you WOW wedding flowers so you can include in your special day.
  • You should consider doing the reception table flowers yourself. And for that, take a glass bowl with floating rose heads which give lovely effect and certainly achievable for the novice floral artist. However, be aware that doing their own flowers often takes a lot longer than many brides anticipate and a huge amount of pressure to the last day before the wedding.
  • Have a swatch of your bridesmaid’s fabric for matching flower colors and ribbons.
  • Don’t forget considering blooming season. However, many popular flowers like orchids and roses are available all the year round but many other flowers are seasonal so prices may fluctuate depending on which month you are getting married in. Flowers can also be imported but it becomes costly so it is better to be in-tune with nature and plan your wedding bouquet around the season you are going to marry.


Don’t miss it if you are a bride-to-be because there are so many factors you need to consider while selecting wedding flowers. So, this is an article for all those brides who want to know basics of selecting wedding flowers. Go for it & share it!…

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