Boating and sailing in Spain – Your favorite pastime activity on your Spanish tour

Are you on your vacation to Spain? If yes and if you’re an outdoor person, you must be first thinking of the different outdoor activities that can lure your attention. Did you hear of the Balearic Islands? Whenever we hear the name Balearic, the immediate thought that conjures up our mind is the setting where we are surrounded by turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, enclosed by the forests where you can simply stand alone and gaze at the beauty of nature. In fact, Minorca, Marjorca, Formentera and Ibiza are made in such a manner that you can enjoy not only the weather but also the sailing and the sea.

When you visit the islands, they aren’t just simple beaches. The UNESCO has recently announced that the island of Ibiza, its rich heritage and culture, the cultural panorama of Serra de Tramuntana, which is located in Majorca and which is home to some amazing monuments has to be included in the long list of World Heritage Sites.

Soothing climate, calm waters, electric night life and many more

Once you visit these islands of Spain, you will find that the serene waters, great climate and energetic night life, particularly in Ibiza will give you a chance to stare at the picturesque sunsets from your boat’s deck. You’ll also get an opportunity to savour their special products like Mahon cheese, pastries, sobrassada sausage, and herb liquer or lobster broth while you relax by the sea. Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to visit this once during their lifetime? You get unique boats and sailboat rentals in Spain which you can hire for getting this lifetime experience.

Spanish Islands are popular among the celebrities as well

The Spanish Islands mentioned above are loved so well that the sports personalities, film stars and members of the Royal dynasties select them for their special vacations and there are many who even tend to buy their second home in Spain. In fact, it is pretty common to meet celebrities who can enjoy summer as they sail through their yachts through the islands. There are few stars who have already been struck by the spell of Balearic Islands and few names may include Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Valentino Rossi, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rafarl Nadal.

Do you dream of sailing on a boat?

Well, if you dream of sailing on a boat while discovering the islands, you can hire a boat either with a caption or without one. You could even book a cabin or a private space on one and make sure you take into account the options that are available at the marinas as there are plethoras of options to choose from. Also take a close look at the vessel’s features, their equipments and the extra options that they offer you before taking a plunge.

So, if you’re enchanted by the Spanish Islands and you wish to visit them for your next vacation, take into account the above mentioned facts and details mentioned here in the post.

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