Convert your smartphone into a high-performance Vlogger camera

Capturing with V30

When we talk about something really reliable in the world of technology then we cannot ignore the outstanding performance by the LG products. The manufacturers have always given the best to their customers. LG V30 is a remarkable addition to the company that cannot be ignored because it comes with an outclass dual camera. The basic idea behind updating the camera performance is that most of the users love to shoot their vlogs through their smartphones. Instead of carrying huge cameras it is now possible to capture your favorite moments for a powerful Vlog with your handy mobile phones. It is the same thought that has compelled the LG creators to think about transforming a smartphone into a Vlogger camera. According to the technical brains working behind the V30, they wanted to give room to those who want to start off Vlogging through the renowned platforms like YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram. They have introduced V30 as the tool of video blogging. Now when the company claims high about their product it is the test time that whether this can be really used as a great camera for the YouTubers.

V30 the YouTubers gift

Once the Smartphone is launched it is extremely important to find out that is it worth to call it an alternative to the Vlogger cameras. Although the smartphones are not a substitute for the professional cameras, V30 is bringing with some great specifications. Unlike many other smartphones the V30mis an excellent alternative to many cameras. It is a great gadget for the new Vloggers. We can safely say that V30 is the closest to ant camera. There is nothing more a Vlogger can think of in his camera than the white balance feature and the ISO. It makes it possible to gain control over the shutter speed along with triple options for bitrate. If you know the details of the faux manual video apps then V30 is a real gift for you. LG has given the world what they told them. All the specifications and the functioning is according to the information given by the manufacturers. It does not need any sensor or aperture size. The camera functions according to the requirements of the user. Thus, if you want to learn Vlogging and excel in this field then V30 can be your first ever trainer.


There is no doubt that LG has introduced a great smartphone with all the features that make it stand out among other smartphones, but still, we can ignore the realistic element that it cannot be considered equal to the DSLR cameras. The pictures and the videos are sharp enough to give an impressive appearance. As it gives full access to the recording hence it is not easy to ignore V30 as a Vloggers’ asset. By adding more photography apps you can make the V30 a complete device. Modern technology is no doubt a great companion of many creative minds.

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