Great Reasons to Visit Fiji on Your Next Holiday

Fiji is a spectacular island destination that cannot be overrated. If the thought of Fiji private resorts makes you cringe because of the possible costs involved, you can rest easy. Fiji is actually the most value for money destination in Melanesia and well worth planning a trip. If you are still not sold on Fiji, below are a few good reasons why this destination should be on your bucket list.

 The People

The people make the country so it makes sense that Fijians should take priority on this list. The people of Fiji can be described in one word; Bula. You will hear this word regularly on the island and has many meanings and connotations including hello, love, peace, life, blessing, goodbye and more. Fijians are kind hearted and happy to share their culture with strangers. The people are sure to turn even the coldest heart warm.

Diverse Country

Fiji is well known for its beaches. You could take a picture on any beach and it’s ready to go on a postcard. If you tire of Fiji private resorts with their blue waters and pristine beaches, the country has more to offer. The destination also has elevated peaks and lush rainforests so there is no shortage of natural scenery. The close proximity of the rainforest to the white sandy beaches is almost surreal and dramatic.

Water Sports

If you love Globo Surf, Fiji is definitely the destination of choice. There are so many potential areas to catch the perfect wave. The best part is you don’t have to share the beach with thongs of tourists and locals. You can find your perfect quiet beach to surf to your heart’s content. Speed boats and kite surfing are also popular sports for adrenaline junkies in Fiji.

Island Hopping

You may have visited neighboring towns and cities in a country you are vacationing in. Fiji is made up of more than 300 islands. Instead of exploring the next town, you explore the next island. Raiwasa Grand Villa arranges for great tours to get the best of everything that the islands of Fiji have to offer. You don’t have to be confined to the resort you pick and can always take a daytrip for a different experience.

Explore the Ocean

Fiji is a beautiful destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are opportunities for both experienced and first-time divers. The clear blue waters and Fiji’s rich coral and marine life is enough reason to make this a choice destination.

There is a good variety of Fiji private resorts to pick from depending on the kind of holiday you are planning hoping for. Fiji is definitely a priority destination and is worth seriously considering for your next holiday.

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