Honeymoon Tips for Younger Newlyweds

Millennials are finally at that age when they are getting married in their droves but unfortunately, there isn’t much travel advice specifically targeting the best honeymoon destinations for younger newlyweds. A honeymoon isn’t just another item to check off life’s bucket list but should be a personalized experience that the couple remembers for a lifetime. There are a few tips millennials can use to find the perfect wedding destination.

No Shame in a Frugal/Local Honeymoon

It is no secret that millennials aren’t exactly at the peak of their earning potential. Add the cost of the wedding, a new home, and student debts and there is little left over for an extravagant honeymoon. You can still enjoy a great honeymoon now and a more elaborate one a few years later. For the first honeymoon, consider local destinations such as Las Vegas, Montana, Hawaii or even California. There are a few hidden gems that rival any popular destination out of the country if you look hard enough. The point is there is no need to dig yourself further in debt just to have a dreamy honeymoon.

Consider Experiential Honeymoon

The images that come to mind when the word honeymoon is mentioned include clear skies, warm ocean, white sands and tropical drinks. These are all great but what happens if you are more of outdoors people or value experiences over mindless relaxation? Well, obscure destinations such as Croatia, England, France, Switzerland and Japan offer the best of both worlds. These counties still have traditional options but also great experiential opportunities including architecture, scenery, sports, culture, and food. The point is a honeymoon is still a perfectly good opportunity to immerse in different experiences away from the traditional sandy beaches and clear sky.

Value for Money Destinations

It may not seem like it but some destinations offer more value for money than others. Fiji is a country that immediately springs to mind in this case. Fiji has many small islands each with its own unique personality and experience. In addition to this, food, transport and accommodation are cheaper than most of the popular island in French Polynesia such as Bora Bora.

Consider Taking a Cruise

Cruises aren’t just for retirees. In fact, a cruise can make a tour across Europe instantly affordable. The inclusive nature of cruises also means you don’t have to sort out every little fine detail such as what to see, where to go, where to sleep, what to eat and so on.

A honeymoon should be a personalized experience that reflects the couple’s tastes rather than a formality. These tips should help you to work out a perfect honeymoon destination and create experiences to last a lifetime.

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