How to Save on Sightseeing During Your City Vacation

If you’re planning a trip to any of America’s major cities in the future, then coming up with a budget is an essential part of the process. Travel expenses alone can cost a pretty penny, but it’s no secret that everything in the city is a little more expensive. This is especially true if you plan on cramming in as many sights as possible while you’re there.

You can save on food by avoiding expensive restaurants, extra expenses by not indulging in premier shopping, and excitement by not falling into the expensive tourist traps but how can anyone save on traveling through the area?

The answer is a sightseeing tour. They are the easiest way to see everything the city has to offer without having to shell out your hard earned money on taxis or navigate the subway. Plus, you can save 20% off your bus tour if you book a pass at the right time!

Cutting Costs

Taxi fare can add up fast. Just getting from one area of the city to another can cost you upwards of $50 each time. Why fork over all of that cash when you could be spending it on food and souvenirs?

A bus tour can often cost less than a single taxi ride while taking you all over the city and stopping at every major location. All you have to do is hop off when you want to explore and hop back on another bus when you’ve taken all the pictures you’d like. You’ll even be able to stop in at museums, coffee shops, and grab a bite to eat anytime you’d like.

Leave Navigating to the Pros

Trying to make your way through the hustle and bustle of city streets can be a challenge. Even if you do call a cab, you’ll find yourself stuck in traffic more often than not. Buses, on the other hand, get to use the exclusive bus lanes.

Their drivers know the fastest routes from one hotspot to the next and are familiar with how hectic the city can be. It takes the burden of figuring out where you are and where to go off of your shoulders.

You could always take the subway but if you aren’t familiar with the area then the maze stations and routes can quickly become a nightmare. Instead of getting yourself lost, let the pros get you to where you want to go.

Seeing it All

If you’re looking to see every single aspect of the city, then a bus tour can help make that dream a reality. Different tours are all packed to the brim with a day’s worth of top locations from buildings to artistic alleys and more. Plus, riding back through the city at night on the top of a Double Decker makes for a serene experience.

If you were in New York, for instance, your tour could take you from Downtown Manhattan to historic Brooklyn and back again as you stop at famous sights like the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, The Guggenheim and more.

Another added bonus is having a tour guide handy. They are packed full tidbits and unique facts that enrich your city experience, not to mention their ability to recommend great shopping and dining locations on a budget.

Make the Most of Your Trip

If you want to take in all that a city has to offer without emptying the contents of your wallet, then opting to take a sightseeing bus tour is the best decision you can make. Their extensive tours, freedom to hop on and hop off, and stress saving potential can’t be beat.

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