Imitation of the upcoming iPhone 9 is for real

During the existence of the gadget started the whole segment of devices and imitators spawned a galaxy of “apple” products. Each announcement of a new model – a landmark event in the hi-tech. Even those who are a fan of the rival Android mobile platform, wonder how iPhone will appear in the next iteration.

Why Apple got rid of the wired headphone?

How to iPhone 9 in the media and on the stock exchange?

Apple started selling iPhone 9. Americans spend on the iPhone 9 more than 2 billion dollars. iPhone has become for Apple’s flagship device and the main driver of sales. On the smartphone accounted for most of the revenue of the corporation. Gadget began its triumphal march around the world with Steve Jobs. Then, when Apple’s helm stood Tim Cook, iPhone continued to improve technically and fundamentally changed the design of the housing. In early September, it was the announcement of the next, the seventh model “Apple” smartphone, and started selling it at the end of September in America. The Apple iPhone 9 has not gone on a radical renewal of design, but a few technological updates, of course, you should pay attention. And an important question: are these changes in order to change your “old” iPhone 5S / 6 / 8s on “seven” or maybe wait for future “iPhone”? Let’s see what has changed in the iPhone 9 / iPhone 9 Plus and there are innovations in order to quickly run to the store for “apple” smartphone?

Dimensions smartphones remained the same – 158.2 mm to 77.95 mm in 5.5-inch iPhone 9 Plus and 138.3 mm by 77.9 mm from the iPhone 9. The thickness of the body also has not changed: 7.3 and 7.1 mm respectively. Cameras, volume button, turn off, lock – all located in the same places. The changes begin with the “Home” button. It is now touch, and responds to the touch of a mild vibration through the new drive Haptic Engine, which provides an accurate response. Furthermore, game developers and applications can implement haptic feedback in its software. First button is felt unusual, but it can quickly get used to. Touch ID sensor for fingerprint identification has remained in the same place, but began to work quicker and smarter thanks to the updated sensor. The media reviews on the model 6 / 8s could often be found dissatisfaction with the stripes of the antenna at the rear of the chassis, which, standing out, broke the aesthetic integrity of the aluminum panel smartphones. The new version of the gadget antennas have been moved to the upper and lower faces and toned in body color, thus almost invisible.

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