Writing a research paper is integral to the development of a student as an academician. Many students will use the skills they gained through writing research papers throughout their professional lives. In most instances, the students are required to submit the research paper at the end of a semester. The main purpose of the paper is to test the student’s overall understanding of a particular academic course. The paper is designed to assess how much a student has been able to learn and understand in the course of an academic semester/year.


Learning how to write a research paper effectively is also important because of the marks the assignment carries. In most situations, the research paper will account for at least 30% of the student’s overall marks in the course for that academic semester/year. Thus, if the student is unable to write a high quality research paper, then he/she will most likely fail the subject, prompting the student to repeat the failed unit. A student cannot escape writing the research paper because such assignments are mandatory in nearly all courses, whether they are technical, or theory courses. As such, the student needs to write an excellent research paper in order to pass the course he/she is undertaking.

Researching on and writing a research paper will also help the students prepare for their end of semester exams. This is because the research paper usually covers the sections of the course that have been learned during the semester. If a student does a thorough job on the research paper, he/she will have an easier time tackling the upcoming exams. The research paper will act as a platform for revision, helping the student understand and remember majority of the concepts that were taught in class. Thus, taking the exam will be much easier because majority of the relevant information is at the student’s fingertips.

As mentioned above, writing research papers is a task that most students will have to undertake throughout the rest of their professional lives. Writing such papers while in school is an excellent way to practice for their future careers. Penning research papers in high school and college helps the students perfect their information gathering, compiling, writing, analyzing, and interpretation skills. These skills will be integral to the success of the student in his/her professional life, as most work-related tasks involve one or more of these skills.

There is also the chance that a student’s research paper may be published owing to the groundbreaking discoveries, or proposed solutions contained therein. Being published is a major professional boost for most professionals, making it even a bigger deal for a student to be published in a relevant journal. Becoming published will open doors for the student both academically and professionally.

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