Key Areas That CAFM Software Can Help With

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software is difficult to describe and understand so it is easy to see why many facility managers may overlook this essential investment. Rather than get into the details of what the software is; it makes more sense to outline its benefits. If you have been researching on CAFM software, below are a few key areas where its implementation can help.

Utilizing Existing Floorplan and Space

CAFM software helps t outline and detail facility spaces and their usage. This utilization is especially true for large facilities where space can go to waste simply because of poor management and planning. This software helps to allocate resources, designate storage areas for equipment and partition the layout of the facility in a manner that makes sense to efficiency and order.

Building Administration

One of the main objectives of Collectiveview CAFM software is to help handle the infrastructure of the physical building. The software is linked to essential features in the building including locks, lights and HVAC which can be monitored and controlled remotely. This basic feature helps to conserve time, labor and costs and makes the job of the building or facility manager that much easier.

Property Maintenance

It is difficult for a facility manager to keep track of all the pending or routine preventive maintenance. Most managers find that they spend most of their time handling failure or malfunction that could have easily been avoided with preventive care. Computer Aided Facilities Management helps to outline and compile all these tasks in one digital location. The software includes prompts and details that help the manager to stay on top of crucial building maintenance.

In the case of commercial real estate, the software can help to keep track of leasing as well as optimize how the business uses its real estate.

Managing Lifecycle

CAFM software is a great planning ally because it covers the physical building and it’s every detail. Building managers and policy makers have easy access to planning information such as allocation of capital and maximizing efficiency and cost saving. The system helps to see far into the future and to make informed decisions where it would be otherwise impossible to predict an outcome.

Tailor-Made System

Finally, CAFM software isn’t a blanket solution for all businesses, industries of facilities. The software is highly customizable to fit the specific business or facility down to the minute details. By outlining essential goals to a vendor, it is possible to come up with a solution that only works for your business.

CAFM software improves every conceivable aspect of facility and building management. The system is also less prone to human error making this a great investment for any prudent facility owner or manager.


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