Review: Best spy apps 2017

When one doubts the intention of a person, how do they go about confirming their suspicions? In today’s modern and technological world, it is pretty simple as one has all their secret and important information in their Smartphone’s. If one uses a spy app, it is possible to get their hands on the complete information of the person you want to spy on. But again the fact remains that to download a spy app on the target phone one need to get their hands on the smartphone even for a little while which might not be possible as one tends to keep their Smartphone’s close to themselves for security reasons.

In such a case you may wonder what I can use to spy on a phone without touching it. The answer is extremely simple: one can use a spy app without target phone in custody. If you are looking for a spy app, then the best option for you is mSpy which, as of date, is the most favored and in demand spy app because of the efficient working of the app and its attractive features. To know more about mSpy you can log on to its website: But sadly the mspy app does not support the feature of using the spy app without the target phone. Anyhow you have to have access to the target phone for physically downloading the spy app in the device.

Following is the list of best spy apps for 2017 so that one can download free spyware without touching target phone:

  1. DDI utilities:

This is an app which can be called a dangerous app created by DDI software Solutions Inc. The most important feature of the app is the ability of installing the spy app without target phone access. The other important feature of this app is the stealth camera feature which the user of the spy app can use to remotely click a picture by the target device and have it sent to the user of the spy app. Also this app has a listen to surroundings feature with the help of which the user of this spy app can listen to the happenings surrounding the target device. Once the security of the smartphone is compromised by downloading this app, it is advised to immediately change the device as simply performing a factory reset or changing your sim card would not be enough.

  1. Truth spy app for spy app without target phone:

This app is also the answer to the question like what can I use to spy on a phone without touching it. This app can be remotely downloaded on the target app and not only that, due to its stealth feature the owner of the target device can never know of its presence in the device. It also has other spy app features like monitoring and tracking sms and call logs, GPS tracking, keylogger where the user of the spy app can keep track of each and every key pressed on the target device which helps them know the passwords and login ID of the browsing history.

  1. Highster mobile app: download free spyware without touching target phone:

The Highster mobile app is the best in its line for the use of the technology of no-jailbreak by its creators. This app also does not need to have physical access of the target device for its download and hence the target device can be remotely monitored. The method of OTA which is also known as over-the-air is used for a faster data collection from the target device.

I hope the above review of the best spy apps for 2017 has been the answer to your question of what can I use to spy on a phone without touching it.

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