Should You Switch To Wet Shaving?

Over the last couple years guys all around the world have been ditching their multi-blade cartridge razors for a nice safety razor or a sharp straight razor.

Why you might ask?

Well, there are several reasons why. Don’t be intimidated either, the shaving process is not difficult to learn.

After all, men have been using safety razors for well over 100 years now.

You Will Save Money

The most interesting reason why people are switching is because of all of the money you will save.

You may not think you are spending a lot of money on multi-blade razors until you realize how cheap disposable safety razor blades are.

The typical disposable refill will cost around $20-30 for 4-5 refills. If you get a week out of each refill then you are spending about $1 per shave.

After the initial cost of the safety razor (around $30 for a decent one) the razor blades are usually around $10 for a 100 pack, or about $.10 a piece!

Depending on the thickness of your beard and shave frequency, you should also get 3-5 shaves per blade just like the multi-blade refills.

However, some guys use a fresh blade every day just because they are so cheap!

This will give you extra money to put towards your other grooming habits.

Other Accessories

Some other accessories you may want to look into are shaving brushes, creams or soaps and a shaving mug or bowl.

You can certainly use your typical aerosol shaving foam if you like. But many guys are reaching for handcrafted soaps and creams that are made with more natural ingredients.

These can be whipped into a lather using your shaving brush and bowl. The bowl is not necessary but allows you to create a richer, thicker lather.

Of course, if you have an old coffee mug lying around that will work as well.

While, shaving with this technique is cheaper in the long run, as you can see, there could be a higher upfront cost if you decide to indulge in all of the accessories.

After you get used to the technique, you may find yourself wanting to try other razors or soaps and end up with a nice collection for yourself!

Reduces Irritation

Finally, a third and certainly important reason to give wet shaving a try is that it reduces irritation. You will have more control over the closeness of your shave with a safety razor.

The typical multi-blade razors actually cut your hair underneath the skin surface because of how efficient they are at removing hair.

This can allow the hair to grow back into the skin which causes what is known as razor burn.

With a safety razor, there is only one blade, which gives you more control.

If you have sensitive skin, you can simply perform one pass with the direction of hair growth, or with the grain.

This will give you the look of a clean shave but not cut so close.

If you require a closer shave, you can perform another pass or two across the grain or against the grain.

However, just remember the more passes you do the more at risk you are for irritation.

As you can see, there are several great reason you may want to switch to a wet shave. It may take a few extra minutes in the morning, but the effort will all be worth it in the end.


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