Sure Signs You Need a Queue Management System

Technology continues to improve business operations including how customers queue and get served. A queueing management system costs money to implement so the question on every business owner’s or manager’s mind is whether the technology is absolutely necessary. The truth is not every business needs QMS but there are a few sure signs that you should seriously think about implementing the technology.

Customers Complaining about Long Queues

In this age of online shopping and self-service, customers are more impatient than ever about standing in line. If you are constantly getting complaints about your queues, it is definitely time to adopt a more efficient system. A long queue could cost you customers so it is necessary to go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction in the modern competitive business arena.

Service Loads Don’t Match

This applies if you have multiple queues or multiple service points. You may find that some queues are always long while others don’t have more than a few people at a time. QMS can help you figure out why this is the case and when this tends to happen. This information can help you make better decisions to redirect traffic or ensure that customers are distributed evenly across the queues.

Manager is Always Caught off Guard

It might be that your queue manager has no idea what is an acceptable service time or simply gets overwhelmed with long queues and has no idea what to do. Real-time monitoring such as text message or dashboard alerts can help the manager anticipate an influx in traffic and make the appropriate arrangements before hand.

Customer Service is Too Slow

A good way to tell the quality of your customer service is how customers flow in and out of the queue. Some customers may simply look at the line and decide is not worth it while others walk away from the line before their turn. A queueing management system can help to improve service productivity and increase the pace of the queue. You could potentially be losing a lot of money if you are not servicing your clients in a timely fashion.

You Can’t Predict Backups

Finally, if you can’t predict when the lines seem to suddenly bulge you definitely need the help of QMS. The system can help you identify peak hours, days, weeks or months based on historical data. This allows you to allocate service delivery and improve crowd control and customer flow at any given period.


These are a few sure signs that you need a queue management system. These systems offer a good ROI so your mind shouldn’t be too focused on cutting costs at the expense of good customer service.

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