The Best Outdoor Holidays

Most of us only get one real holiday every year, with work and other commitments taking up the majority of our time. When we are able to make the time and scrape together the funds for a proper holiday experience, we want to ensure that it’s the best use of that precious time as it can be. There is now an impressive range of specialized or themedoutdoor holidays that cater to every conceivable taste. Below is a quick guide to those available around the world.


Walking is one of life’s great joys and a fantastic way to exercise. When most people picture a walking holiday, they envisage long hikes with a heavy backpack full of equipment, but a walking holiday need not require hiking. In fact, some of the most enjoyable walking holidays are those that encourage a slower place and a careful and considered approach, these are a good option for those who are relatively new to walking and want a gentler pace, as well as those who are older and for whom hiking would be too taxing. Whether you intend on going with a partner or group, or solo, there are any number of companies and groups who can then integrate you within a larger group. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to walk together with other people, but the option is there, even if you don’t bring anyone yourself.


One for the more athletic of us, surfing is a more demanding sport than many people realize, but once one has mastered it there are some incredibly beautiful spots from all around the globe. The advantage of a surfing holiday is that it is easy to combine with other holidays. Perhaps your family isn’t big on surfing or the best waves are coming when the weather is at its worst for beachgoers, in which case you can catch some waves while your family explores elsewhere.


Hunting is not a sport for everyone but for those who enjoy it there are now a variety of hunting holidays available across the United States’ varied terrain. A company such as Rainsford Hunting can connect you with the ideal hunting holiday package for you, whatever your tastes. The United States is a large country and the range of terrain it encompasses means you can select the weather conditions you prefer and get to see whatever animals you are most eager to see and or hunt.


Diving requires some investment of time and money up front before one is ready to take on a serious diving adventure, but if you are passionate about marine life then it is a worthy investment. Once one has learned the ropes, however, many beautiful dive spots across the Earth’s ocean become accessible and some of the most unique and beautiful sights can be witnessed firsthand.

Outdoor holidays are a great way of relaxing by staying active. They’re fantastic opportunities to get in and stay in shape for you and your family, no matter what your preferred activities.

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