This Festive Season, Bring Home the Bling!

Diwali is around the corner, and so is its preparations! Are you done deciding what to wear this festive season? Or yet to shop? You will anyhow manage the clothes, but have you decided what you’ll wear that will enhance the outfit’s look up to 100%? Makeup? Nah! We’re talking about adding the Bling! It’s JEWELLERY fellas!

The auspicious day of Dhanteras is not much afar. Purchase Gold, Silver or Diamond Jewellery on this day to turn the bad luck down from the moment it enters your doorstep, is well aware. The tradition is so prevalent that Jewellery Shops on these days are flooded with people. Even to buy a coin, one has to wait for hours. And if we talk about Designer Jewellery, then it becomes a whole different case of turmoil.

Ditch those hassles and waiting in queues. Shoppers Stop has brought those designer jewellery makers & their classic designs at your fingertips on their online shopping portal. You can choose from hundreds of new designs with the same traditional touch from it. Worried about the quality? Think no more, because they sell only the certified hallmark jewellery with 100% authenticity of the product.

Let us now have a keen look at their jewellery collection of any and every range and type!

The high detailed ones

Traditional Maharashtrian Chokers (Thushi)

The conventional neck pieces can add charm to your ethnic attire. Sarees and Lehengas will glow with such modern chokers.

Designer Gold Chains & Sets

The delicate chains never go out of style. WHP Jewellers make sure that the urban touch never fades away from their gold chains. Wear ‘em on occasions or even on regular days, they will sure add glam.

Fancy Neck Pieces

Gold isn’t always about the traditional designs only. Check out these quirky pieces for your this festive buy.

Carved Diamond Pieces

Diamonds add to the overall ornament’s show and gives a more sophisticated look. Check out these Malabar Gold & Diamond’s American diamond carved jewellery pieces.

From the Silver Family

The sterling silver jewellery pieces are those women’s favourite who like their bling to be a little less sparkly. Silver jewellery gives a chic look to the women who are not fond of yellow glitters. They also stay soft on the pocket but don’t misunderstand them to be the less attractive. They can sure be the show stealers as well.

Silver Products

Fancy Rings, Nose Rings & Earrings

Check out the small pleasure jewellery for small investment this Diwali. Get yourself a chic nose ring or gift your near ones a ring or earring.

Conceptualized Pendants

Gold & Silver Coins

In most cases, women can’t get enough of jewellery, but if you are one of those happy souls and don’t want anything to wear, just grab the Gold & Silver coins for the good luck.

This Diwali, boast wearing any or many of these beautiful jewellery or just get’em with keeping future in mind. A valuable asset to Investment in. Afterall, as elders say, ‘Investing in original jewellery is the wisest and most relevant decision one can ever make, it won’t disappoint you’. Festive Greeting!

Image source: Shoppers Stop

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