Top 5 Methods To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

Facebook page is a public profile primarily created for businesses, celebrities, brands or personal use. If you are a page user, you may know that pages can’t add friends but they can get fans. Many people struggle to get likes on their Facebook page. Many people abandon a page if they don’t get the sufficient likes.

So, today we’ve handpicked 5 methods that will help you in increasing page likes legally.

  1. Invite your friends to like your page

This is the foremost thing you can do to get page likes in a legal way. If you have recently created a page, you can invite your friends to like the page. You can do this manually or Facebook automatically suggests you invite your friends. Although, it is a bit time consuming but will prove beneficial if you have recently created your page.

  1. Offer giveaway contests on your pages

This is one of the most genuine methods for gaining organic page likes. If you offer your fans some sort of freebies, they will surely start loving your page. To be precise, you can post a photo about a giveaway and ask your fans to share it. After some time, announce the winner of the giveaway and hand over the prize to the winner. This will boost your page audience and you’ll have an active page.

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  1. Get more page likes with Facebook ads

It is the main method of big brands and pages to gain more likes. Facebook ads help a page user to reach more and more audience. Although, it is paid but it can prove very helpful. Now you might be wondering how much a user has to spend on each like. The cost of each like solely depends upon the budget, targeted countries, and user interests. For example, the cost of per like in Asian countries is less as compared to European countries. If you have some budget for Facebook ads, then you can easily acquire more likes on your page.

  1. Share the content on page at perfect time

You might be wondering how it can increase page likes, but it plays a vital role in increasing the likes of the page. Make sure to perform experiments on your page and find out at what time your audience is most active. If you figure out this, you’ll likely receive good reach on your posts and you’ll get lots of likes, shares, and comments on photos, videos. It will eventually increase your page audience.

  1. Cooperate with other pages for “Tag for Tag”

You can cooperate with other pages for a tag to tag. To be simple, you can contact admins of pages of your niche to add tags on some featured post. You can mention the partner page on your posts and in return, he/she will do same. It will prove beneficial for both page owners. Earlier, people used to do “Share for Share” in which one used to share the link of the page on his/her page. But since algorithm of Facebook has changed, so they don’t reach to a good number of people. So share for share is now a bad idea.

So, these were some hand picked tips that you can follow to get more likes on your page. Facebook has now become and important part of our life. Meanwhile, do check 50+ Best Facebook Tricks and Facebook Hacks.

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