What Does Your Ringtone Say About You

Next time you hear someone’s phone ring, know that his choice of ringtone reveals more than you can think about his personality. Just try to remember how many incidents you have experienced when an annoying ringtone sounds and you are in an environment that requires total focus and silence like a business meeting. From now on you would be able to tell more about that person’s character by just identifying his ringtone.


While the majority of mobile users still use the default ringtones that are available on their device, there is an increasing number of mobile phone users that want more from their ringtone. These users are confident with paying a premium as long as they can use their favorite song or sound as a ringtone. According to a recent conducted by market analysis firm Consect, half of US mobile phone users aged between 15 and 30 years old have downloaded at least one ringtone. Researchers and psychologists have started to associate ringtone choices with individual personality types. In recent years, this trend of analyzing peoples’ characters by their choices has become widely popular. So without further ado, let’s analyze the variety of ringtones that are available.

Standard (Default) Ringtones

The choice of maintaining the default ringtone sends the message that you are a very busy human being. It shows that you don’t take time to enjoy life and make your own choices after all, you didn’t bother to change your ringtone. This choice also shows lack of imagination. But there is also another perspective for this choice. You do not want maybe people to interpret your personality and prefer to remain unjudged. Maybe this is a signal of an introverted personality.

Silent Ringtone of Vibration

This choice is a sign you are playing it safe. People that prefer to set silent ringtones or to turn their phone on vibration may be criticized as safe gamers. Despite this fact, these people are characterized as strong personalities and reliable characteristics. They are like classic lovers that prefer being unnoticed in their everyday life.

Animal Sounds

This ringtone choice is quite rare, thus more defining of a person’s character. People that use this kind of ringtone are considered to be true nature enthusiasts with a loving personality.

Game Ringtones

There are also ringtones that display an energetic, playful personality without revealing more about your lifestyle such as game ringtones. People often use sounds from games such as worms or super mario bros.

Recording Ringtones

This choice defines you as self-oriented and family loving character, but can also become very annoying after a period of time.

Specific Music Style Ringtones

A classical music ringtone shows that you appreciate the finer thing in life and you have higher pursuits and goals. A country of soft rock ringtone showcases a soft and romantic personality. Jazz lovers are closer to an exploring personality while hip hop and rap lovers indicate the people that love adrenaline, are cool and live their life on fast track. Last but not least a pop or heavy rock ringtone choice portraits you as a nervous person that tends to move quickly and you don’t generally consider the consequences of your choices.

All of the above things considered, scientists say that ringtone choices indeed showcase your personality. So next time you choose a ringtone make sure to consider a choice that gives the appropriate signal to people around you.


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