Why to get your kids a toy camera for photography

Kids toy cameras are a great introductory tool for photography and general artistic expression. Cameras will always be a way to connect your kid to the digital and offline world, and now more so than ever, kids need a reason to unplug from their televisions, video games, and other mindless electronics and delve into an impressive and most importantly: fun trade. Photography provides that very outlet, which is why in this article, we will analyze why you should get your child a toy camera.

Psychological development

One of the key reasons photography is a great platform for children is because it enriches their psychological development. For starters, photography, being a creative process, works the right hemisphere of your child’s brain. Studies have shown that increased right side brain activity results in higher vigilance, better intuition, more adaptable to hands on learning environments, and better depth perception. Moreover, a recent published in the journal of personality and social psychology has shown that photography in general leads to better memory recollection and those memories are more likely to be happier than those in the same events who weren’t photographing the experience. Overall, photography is a great asset for children as it improves their intellect and keeps them happy while doing so.

Freedom of expression

Kids often have the most to say, but many are limited in their methods of expressing their feelings. This can be for a number of reasons, such as slow speech development, coping inabilities, or simply timidness. Every concerned parents wants to know exactly how their child is feeling, and photography provides a unique outlet for children to convey their feelings through beautiful imagery.


Additionally, photography is a wonderful way to encourage your child and set them up for future success. Taking photographs, especially lovely ones, give the photographer a sense of pride. This is an image they own. This is how they view the world through their eyes. Their images are a digital and/or tangible piece of themselves that they can spread to the world. Every child, every adult, every person on the planet loves the feeling of looking back at something they created and saying “hey, i did, that”, and photography is a fantastical opportunity to provide your child with such bliss in a stimulating and safe manner.

It’s good for the parents too!

“They grow up so fast” may be a cliché expression, but it still remains true and timeless, regardless. What is not timeless, however, is your child. While many parents scramble to capture every growing second of experiences they share with their child, they often neglect the life their child has away from them. Don’t you want to capture your child with their playmates in school as much as you do when their at home with you? Introducing your child to photography is a great way to capture the life of your child outside of your vision, so that when you look back on past memories, you can see their childhood through their own eyes as well.

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