10 Super Gorgeous Hairstyle For Your Upcoming Prom Night

Everyone wants to look a little special on their big prom night. Girls usually get ready from their head to toe, getting pedicures to facial. We all want to look like princesses on our prom night. I can compare my prom night to my wedding day if given a choice. It can be a lot of pressure to look good, while also staying authentic and true to your own style.It’s like the whole world is going to watch us on the Prom day, as if the paparazzi is going to come around our high school. In case you have any grays we recommend you to use Reparex India and get rid of them as you already have enough things to care about.

However, we understand your pressure, so we have listed some hairstyle inspiration to help you decide your final look.

  1. The Sweet Sleek Side Pony

A great sleek side pony, with a big smile can help you get some great Prom pictures. This elegant hairstyle looks good on all face cuts, it will allow you to enjoy the time without worrying about the frizz in your hair. So dance the night away with your date and have fun.   

  1. The Classic Sock Bun

This is a Prom favorite; if you are confused between hairstyles then this will be the safest choice for you. We have seen this sock bun in so many Prom scenes on the television, that everyone is familiar with this style. It gives you a sophisticated and elegant look, which will look perfect with your Gown.

  1. The Wave Stunner

These timeless waves in your hair, will gain you attention from everyone in your high school. Waves are also in currently so you will be turning heads up donning a classic, while staying stylish and chic. This will look exceptionally good on you if you have long hair. Just put on your makeup and you will be breaking up some hearts showing up with your date at the prom.

  1. Side Swept Sweetheart

This elegant yet lovely hairstyle was donned by Taylor swift for a long time, when she entered the music industry. This hairdo will look amazing if you are going for off shoulder or of cut out dresses. You can also use a tiara tor a hair band to accessorize your look. I advise you to take inspiration from Taylor’s initial music videos and you will nail this look.

  1. Mature Messy Bun

Add sophistication in your messy bun. This is one of the easiest hairstyle on the list which you can do all yourself. Be an elegant stunner, stepping in with a messed up classic bun and simply stunning everyone with your beauty.

  1. Half Hair Tie Hottie

Realistically this is the best hairstyle for such Prom nights. As it simply attaches your hair in place for the whole night, so unlike your friends you will be able to dance and have fun without caring about your hair. This is also amongst the most favorite Prom style. Several celebrities at Met Gala 2017 were also seen donning this hairstyle.

  1. Pin Curled Pony

This is a striking hair style, if you are going for the Princess or angel vibe with your outfit. If you are planning on wearing a light shade Gown then choose this hairstyle as you will look nothing less than a Disney princess. This is perfect for the backless light colored dresses.

  1. Braided Beauty

This is a very simple hairstyle, which will give you a combination of both waves and curls. This classic hairdo is simple and easy to achieve. The braids around your face also help in keeping hair out of your face, so you don’t have to worry before drunk kissing your date at night. This will also sustain your makeup and hairdo, so you will be looking awesome throughout the night.

  1. Stunning Side Sweep

This is a perfect style for all the long haired girls, who don’t want to hide their hair in a bun. This hairdo gives you luscious curls and waves throughout hair, placing them at one side of your shoulders. Making you look cute and classy at the same time.In this hairstyle the majority of upper section of your hair remains straight this makes it easier for you to manage your hair. You can wear this look with a black or red dress or a backless number.

  1. Hair Braid Band Bombshell

There is no doubt that this is one of the cutest hairstyle in the list. You can also save on some extra time, if you choose to purchase a fake braid to simply wear it as a headband. This is perfect for all hair lengths, just straighten your hair, and add this braid to get a simple yet exquisite look. This will look good on all types of dresses or gowns.


Try these hairstyles and don’t forget to share your images with us. We would also like to know about your big day and how beautiful you looked. Just ensure to properly place them and spray enough on these hairstyles as you would not want to bid farewell to your school leaving bad Prom images. If you still feel confused about your look then we suggest you play it safe and go for Top Braid hairstyle or sock bun as they are the classic which will never do you any harm.

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