4 Ways to Prepare for Long-Term Travel

Traveling for business is a challenge in and of itself, and it only gets harder the longer you plan to stay.  Although many say that learning to prepare for an extended business trip is something you learn and aren’t taught, that just isn’t always the case.

There are certain aspects of an extended business trip that have to be learned, but preparing shouldn’t be one of them.  To make sure you can enjoy your journey, we broke the preparation stage down, so you can have to most successful business trip possible without having to stress the small details.

To get yourself prepared for your extended stay elsewhere for the company, check out these 4 ways to prepare for long-term travel.

1 Find a Deal

Bargain shoppers can be found everywhere, and bargain travel is a thing.  To get in on it, all you have to do is search one of the major travel sites, like Expedia.  You can find package deals for flights, hotels and rental cars, and you are guaranteed to save some money along the way.

Searching high and low for the best deal is possible on these sites, since you can mix and match your sources for each step of the trip.  Once you snag your deal, they place your order to each place.

If you aren’t satisfied with their offers, you can call each location before you buy to try and negotiate even better deals.  Who knows, maybe they will try to beat the travel site’s price with you right there on the phone.

2 Pack Two Suitcases Into One

Packing is an art, especially when you are packing for an extended stay.  What is too much and what is too little?  Though the answer is personal, the general rule of thumb is pack for two weeks.  In that time, you should be able to find some washers and dryers if there aren’t any available at the hotel.

When you pack your belongings, make sure you utilize all of your space.  If you generally fly with two suitcases and a carry-on, challenge yourself to find a way to make that one suitcase and a carry-on.  If you do it right, you should be more than capable of fitting two weeks of clothing into one suitcase with all your toiletries too.

Roll your shirts or fold extra items into pants.  Whatever you have to do to keep your travel gear light and manageable.

3 Cover Your Assets

I mean, why wouldn’t you?  Being on an extended stay means baddies have more time to take what is yours.  Getting travel insurance saves you the worry and heartache of dealing with a lost laptop or wedding ring.

You’d be surprised just how many places offer travel insurance.  If you’re Australian, Fast Cover is a great option for affordable insurance. If you’re British, you can use the MoneySuperMarket’s compare tool to find the best deal on traveler’s insurance.  My point? Get travel travel insurance if protecting your assets is important.

Any type of accident, loss of luggage, or mishap with your travels can be guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about it reflecting negatively on you.  Instead of being left no choice but to wear blue jeans when you packed dress pants in that luggage the airline lost, get coverage on your luggage, so you can buy a new pair on the insurance company’s bill before tomorrow’s meeting.

4 Budget Your Stay

At the end of the day, the best way to prepare for any long stay is to budget.  You should take the time to budget your days by to-dos and costs.  Don’t forget to factor in your travel and hotel stay, and a budget little bit extra to spend on yourself after hard day.

Once you have all these numbers set up, make a range for your budget.  You know, the ideal number and the worst case scenario.  This will help you manage your day to day spending while you are away on your long-term business travel.

Comparing your projected budget to your actual daily spending will help you stay on track too.  It’s easy to accidentally overspend when you are away on business, especially if you are somewhere you have never been.

Budget’s take time, but once you are good at creating them, they become your best friend for all of your travel.


Long-term business travel.  It sounds scary, but it can easily become one of the greatest life experiences.  The opportunity to do business, meet the locals, and interact with strangers in a new place makes you a better business person and human being.

Take your time when you are preparing for your extended stay, and make sure you are prepared for everything you can think of before you go.  You will forget something, but you will be prepared to handle that situation when you get there because you took the time to prepare.

How do you prepare for your long-term business travel?  Any tips for new travelers?  Share your ideas and tips in the comments below.

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