5 Tips to Travel Cheaply without Compromising on your Comfort

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As the festive season is in and the prices are about to sky-rocket, people would like to know how best to save their money. However, this may not mean compromising on comfort during flights. Thus, a balance needs to be struck to save money, and travel with ease.

Travel is not only a good way to explore, but also a good way to connect. With Diwali around the corner and Christmas not too far away, people would like to block dates, book flights, and make their festive itineraries to meet friends and family. However, travelling cheap is also always a bonus in the Indian mindset. Thus, it is important to know how to capitalise on deals and save money, yet make your travel as smooth as possible.

  1. Book Round-trip Tickets

An easy way to travel without compromising on comfort is to book round-trip tickets. While one-way tickets for the same journey may cost a lot more; round-trip tickets usually knock a couple thousand off the total. Thus, being decisive about travel dates, and planning ahead, is good from the get-go.

  1. Compare Rates

If you’re travelling within India, there are many airlines that you can choose from. People usually by virtue of brand loyalty, stick to their go-to airline. However, a smart move to save money is to capitalise on deals offered by other brands.

Be the informed consumer, and compare rates of flights before you book your tickets. For example, while booking flights from Bangalore to Delhi, competitive airlines may have small price differences. Even if you think the price margins are almost the same, even a small discount can make a difference especially when you take GST into account.

  1. Use Travel Sites

The travel sites have revolutionalised the way people book tickets now. Gone are the days when you would have to rely on the honesty and integrity of your travel agent to give you the best deal on your flight. Now you can book the air ticket at the lowest possible fare in just a few clicks. Be it Air India airlines or any other flight, just look for the best rate online and book.

  1. Know your Airlines

Comfort during travel depends on a variety of things. Customer service, food, cabin temperature, etc. all account for a relaxing flight. Many airlines charge an extra buck when it comes to things such as in-flight meals. Few of these include a complimentary meal in their ticket price. Thus, knowing the facilities airlines provide before you travel can go a long way to planning a relaxing flight, and also save money.

  1. Use Discounts

Sometimes airlines run promotional offers which can pull down the costs drastically. Take advantage of these discounts and offers to get extra discounts. Moreover, third-party travel websites also run offers to lure in customers. Lastly, you may also be entitled to receive some cash back on using some credit or debit cards; make sure you check for that too before making the payment.

Thus, whether you are travelling home, or to an exotic location to unwind during the holidays, saving money on your travel can only be a boon. Use these gimmicks to wrangle yourself the best deals, and have a great vacation.

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