Your 48 Hours Guide to Chennai

Travel guides can be a challenging as they include plenty of planning and lots of research. Jumping from one space to another, eleventh-hour impulses, exclusively making pit stops —trip guides can go out of hand sometimes.

But stress not, we have got you covered entirely. If you are beach lover and looking for flight tickets from Mumbai to Chennai on yatra, you will be entertained! If you eventually find yourself in the beautiful and quaint city of Chennai with approximately 48 hours in hand, we have the perfect guide for you. We have crafted a list of stuff to execute, and spots to visit that will certainly leave you with a complete understanding of the city and will leave you craving for more.

Time For Acknowledging Heritage Spots

This place has lots of unique architectural structures exclusively belonging to distinct generations. Fort St. George, the 17th-century monument constructed by the British, shelters the amazing St. Mary’s Church, also recognised as the Westminster Abbey of the East, which should be in the 1st position of your list if you have got a corner for architecture and history! The city’s unique Indo-Saracenic construction style can be seen in a some of the buildings that have eventually stood firm with the test of time. Your list must involve Madras High Court, Santhome Cathedral, Madras University, Government Museum, Victoria Public Hall, and Connemara Library. The peculiar monuments left standing might not always be open to the everyone, so ask the locals once before you go to visit these beautiful destinations.

Beach Craver

Known as a coastal city, Chennai is residence to the second-longest beach on the planet, the Marina. Stroll down the banks of Bay of Bengal and absorb in tropical sunshine which makes you feel amazing. You can select to visit the stunning Elliots beach or Marina beach, where street food outlets are bolstered on the sands with people gathering at the time of the evening. For some relaxing time, put your toes in the private, serene beaches exclusively dotting the ECR(East Coast Road ). The coast comes to life in the evening time, and you can try some enticing street food like sundal and bajji that makes for an enticing treat.

Culture Lover

Your visit to Chennai is not complete unless you have visited the beautiful rock shrines of Mahabalipuram. Visit the amazing marvel of the Pallava architecture in monuments like the Descent of the Ganges, PanchaRathas, and the shore shrine. A heritage village of sorts, Dakshin Chitra, is the perfect space to know about the culture while marketing for some exceptional handmade souvenirs. This beautiful city also has several shrines, like the Parthasarathy temple and Kapaleeswar temple that is quite well-recognized. If you want to see more shrines, choose a direction, and you will find some more stunning treasures architectures matching with tradition from the South. If you eventually happen to be in the region during the time of December, spare yourself for some traditional extravagance with Bharatanatyam performances and Carnatic music concerts that put the city on the prime spot on the cultural globe.

For Party Animals

Chennai exclusively lives up to its belief of eventually being a metropolitan area. The evolving nightlife will move you with beloved hangouts like Radio Room, Illusions, Q Bar, Plan B, Zara’s the tapas bar, F bar, and Bay 146. After a hectic day, relax with a drink, or move your body on the dance floor. This beautiful space also caters a flurry of affairs and events, which will give you a memorable evening.

So, if you are looking for weekend fun, this 48hr guide will surely assist you. You can book vying flight tickets from Mumbai to Chennai on yatra anytime! Start packing!


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