HTC U11- The Smart Phone with Best Software

If you are a fan of HTC, then you have good news. This company has just launched the model of HTC U 11 and this can be one of the best smart phones that you can use. Though the previous models of HTC were not up to the mark, but this one has changed all the myths related to the HTC phones. In several ways, this smart phone is better than what you have expected. the specs, the facilities, the camera configuration, the design and lots more have made this phone really eye-catching and popular among the mobile geeks.

If you go through the HTC U11 review, you will certainly come across the specifications of this smart phone. It is having the squeezable slide panels and has the responsive design that helps the users to read the entire content. This device is having the latest processor that is either too big or overly compact as like the other model. The interface of this model is also sleek as expected. If you really a fan of HTC than the other brands available, then you does not have to go through the review, just place the order and wait at the door for the phone to arrive.

 The HTC U11 Specifications and Software

One of the main reasons why most of you will go for this model is that it is having in-built Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 835 processor. It is the octa-core CPU processor running at a speed of 2.45 GHz. It has integrated Adreno 540 GPU and other hardware like the camera image processing to sensors and machine learning. You will get 6GB and 128GB RAM storage, that are both good in amount. It is having a 5.5-inch screen, thus the screen is called the ‘super LCD 5”.

Pros of Using This Phone

  1. It is having a good design
  2. It is having a great camera
  3. It has an excellent display design
  4. It has a wonderful audio experience
  5. The edge sense is awesome

The Cons of This Phone

  1. There is no headphone jack
  2. This Phone is available through the Sprint network

Thus, check the specifications of HTC U11 online and make your best purchase.

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